Apes from Utopia
Being a reply to Ben Watson's polemics on animals, politics and philosophy.


Echos of Regyptian Evolution
Zizek vs. Vegetarians
A punk intermezzo
"Animals ain't matter" (Union of Marxist Musicians)
Fragments of an unsent letter (1)
"Please" (Marco The Pelvis Maurizi)
Fragments of an unsent letter (2)
Kant vs. Vulgar Materialism
"Unwanted Papers" (Union of Marxist Musicians)
But Despair?
What exploited filipino workers do for a living

Union of Marxist Musicians:

Marco Maurizi, voice, guitar
Michele Dal Lago, guitar

Other music used (stolen, sorry guys!) in this recording:
Lendormin (drums, guitar, electronics)
THF Drenching (dictaphone)
Sonic Pleasure (bricks)
Luca Miti (piano)
Renato Ciunfrini (sax)

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